[ruby-cvs:53548] nagachika:r46402 (ruby_2_1): merge revision(s) r45378: [Backport #9658] [Backport #9866]

nagachika at ruby-lang.org nagachika at ruby-lang.org
Wed Jun 11 02:35:08 JST 2014

nagachika	2014-06-11 02:35:07 +0900 (Wed, 11 Jun 2014)

  New Revision: 46402


    merge revision(s) r45378: [Backport #9658] [Backport #9866]
    * configure.in: Fix a build problem with clang and --with-opt-dir.
      If ruby is configured with --with-opt-dir=dir when using clang
      as compiler, a warning `clang: warning: argument unused during
      compilation: '-I dir'` is emitted almost every time clang
      compiles a file.  Unfortunately, RUBY_CHECK_PRINTF_PREFIX takes
      any output from the compiler as fatal error, and the check thus
      fails due to the warning.  This is an attempt to fix the problem
      by adding a flag -Qunused-arguments to CFLAGS locally in the
      function to suppress the warning. [ruby-dev:48062] [Bug #9658]
      [Fixes GH-571] https://github.com/ruby/ruby/pull/571

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