[ruby-cvs:55896] nobu:r48746 (trunk): object.c: [DOC] Revise documentation

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Tue Dec 9 18:20:06 JST 2014

nobu	2014-12-09 18:20:05 +0900 (Tue, 09 Dec 2014)

  New Revision: 48746


    object.c: [DOC] Revise documentation
    * object.c: [DOC] Revise documentation by Marcus Stollsteimer at
      [ruby-core:66368].  [Bug #10526]
      * #inspect: be more specific about generated string, remove
        obsolete example.
      * #nil?: use code examples instead of different call-seq's.
      * #tap: clarify what is yielded.
      * Integer(): be more specific about to_int and to_i, remove
        reference to Ruby 1.8.
      * Array(): fix error.
      * Class: fix variable name style and indentation in example.
      * improve consistency, fix typos and formatting.

  Modified files:

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