[ruby-cvs:50581] akr:r43439 (trunk): * ext/readline/readline.c: Include ruby/thread.h for

akr at ruby-lang.org akr at ruby-lang.org
Sun Oct 27 21:04:14 JST 2013

akr	2013-10-27 21:04:14 +0900 (Sun, 27 Oct 2013)

  New Revision: 43439


    * ext/readline/readline.c: Include ruby/thread.h for
      (readline_rl_instream, readline_rl_outstream): Record FILE
      structures allocated by this extension.
      (getc_body): New function extracted from readline_getc.
      (getc_func): New function.
      (readline_getc): Use rb_thread_call_without_gvl2 to invoke getc_func.
      [ruby-dev:47033] [Bug #8749]
      (clear_rl_instream, clear_rl_outstream): Close FILE structure
      allocated by this extention reliably.  [ruby-core:57951] [Bug #9040]
      (readline_readline): Use clear_rl_instream and clear_rl_outstream.
      (readline_s_set_input): Set readline_rl_instream.
      (readline_s_set_output): Set readline_rl_outstream.
      (Init_readline): Don't call readline_s_set_input because
      readline_getc doesn't block other threads for any FILE structure now.
      [ruby-dev:47033] [Bug #8749] reported by Nobuhiro IMAI.
      [ruby-core:57951] [Bug #9040] reporeted by Eamonn Webster.

  Modified files:

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