[ruby-cvs:50393] knu:r43251 (trunk): Import ruby-electric.el 2.0.

knu at ruby-lang.org knu at ruby-lang.org
Fri Oct 11 17:38:53 JST 2013

knu	2013-10-11 17:38:52 +0900 (Fri, 11 Oct 2013)

  New Revision: 43251


    Import ruby-electric.el 2.0.
    * misc/ruby-electric.el: Import ruby-electric.el 2.0 from
      https://github.com/knu/ruby-electric.el which integrates changes
      from another fork by @qoobaa.
      * Allow ruby-electric-mode to be disabled by introducing a
        dedicated key map.  Electric key bindings are now defined in
        ruby-electric-mode-map instead of overwriting ruby-mode-map.
      * Add ruby-electric-mode-hook.
      * Use a remap in binding ruby-electric-delete-backward-char.
      * Totally revamp electric keywords and then introduce electric
        return.  Modifier keywords are now properly detected making
        use of ruby-mode's indentation level calculator, and
      * block-mid keywords (then, else, elsif, when, rescue and
        ensure) also become electric with automatic reindentation.
      * Add standarized comments for ELPA integration.
      * Fix interaction with smartparens-mode by disabling its end
        keyword completion, since ruby-electric has become more clever
        at it.
      * The custom variable `ruby-electric-keywords` is changed to
        `ruby-electric-keywords-alist`, allowing user to fine-grained

  Modified files:

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