[ruby-cvs:51291] nobu:r44146 (trunk): test_weakref.rb: use single level WeakRef

nobu at ruby-lang.org nobu at ruby-lang.org
Thu Dec 12 15:17:23 JST 2013

nobu	2013-12-12 15:17:23 +0900 (Thu, 12 Dec 2013)

  New Revision: 44146


    test_weakref.rb: use single level WeakRef
    * test/test_weakref.rb (make_weakref): return single level
      WeakRef, instead of multiple level, since the second level
      object may be still alive even after the final object get
      finalized, in test_recycled.
    * test/test_weakref.rb (test_ref): move living object assertions
      from test_recycled.

  Modified files:

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