[ruby-cvs:49766] ko1:r42624 (trunk): * gc.c: fix around GC_DEBUG.

ko1 at ruby-lang.org ko1 at ruby-lang.org
Mon Aug 19 21:00:52 JST 2013

ko1	2013-08-19 21:00:51 +0900 (Mon, 19 Aug 2013)

  New Revision: 42624


    * gc.c: fix around GC_DEBUG.
    * gc.c (RVALUE::line): should be VALUE. On some environment
      (such as mswin64), `int' introduces alignment mismatch.
    * gc.c (newobj_of): add an assertion to check VALUE alignment.
    * gc.c (aligned_malloc): `&' is low priority than `=='.
    * gc.c: define GC_DEBUG everytime and use it as value 0 or 1.

  Modified files:

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