[ruby-cvs:49591] usa:r42439 (trunk): * test/coverage/test_coverage.rb (TestCoverage#test_big_code): use `1'

usa at ruby-lang.org usa at ruby-lang.org
Thu Aug 8 15:42:06 JST 2013

usa	2013-08-08 15:42:05 +0900 (Thu, 08 Aug 2013)

  New Revision: 42439


    * test/coverage/test_coverage.rb (TestCoverage#test_big_code): use `1'
      instead of `p' to get rid of a side effect.
      Kernel#p without any argument seems to do nothing, but flushes stdout.
      and, if stdout is redirected to file, fsync() will be called on
      Windows.  so, when running test-all on Windows with redirection, such
      as CI environment, this test took a lot of time.

  Modified files:

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