[jruby] Some problems (I think) with proc bindings and memory leaks

david brometeo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 20:58:06 JST 2018


I have been testing my framework searching for memory leaks in last weeks.
Perhaps there are many little problems, but I have found what seems to be a big
problem with procs used for defining Swing listeners and, more strangely, used
for defining Ruby singleton methods.

In my work with visualvm, I see that some of the visual components are
referenced by Binding objects that have a context I can't remove. Before doing
a Garbage Collection, I remove defined singleton method, but after garbage
collecting the object is not eliminated from memory, avoiding visual component

Please, I need a little help with this (is it normal? if not, how can I avoid
the problem?), because my JRuby application creates and removes many windows
and memory leaks of this magnitude are a big user problem.

Thank you very much.


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