[jruby] [ANN] JRuby Released

Thomas E Enebo tom.enebo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 04:46:00 JST 2017

Major features of JRuby 9000:

    Ruby 2.x compatibility
    A new optimizing runtime based on a traditional compiler design
    New POSIX-friendly IO and Process
    Fully ported encoding/transcoding logic from MRI

If you do find issues then report them on using our issue tracker at
http://bugs.jruby.org. We also encourage users to join our IRC channel
(#jruby on Freenode) and mailing lists. You may also follow @jruby on
Twitter for updates.


    Rubygems updated to version 2.6.14
    \K suported in regexps
    Socket close_on_exec support
    30 issues fixed for

Github Issues resolved for

    #4882 - Ripper doesn't handle private def with nested block
    #4881 - Don't unconditionally emit debug level info from RACC
    #4880 - Dead Exception in RealClassGenerator
    #4874 - Update rake's url
    #4871 - A regexp with \K doesn't work in JRuby
    #4869 - UDPSocket.new(Socket::AF_INET6) throws exception (JRuby
    #4866 - Rails parsing time ends with usec 1 instead of 0
    #4865 - OOM due to unbounded rescuePCs growth
    #4862 - Mutex sleeps indefinitely with timeout <= 0.0001 seconds
    #4861 - cannot link Java class com.util
(java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/util (wrong name: com/Util))
    #4860 - Fix issues discovered using Error Prone
    #4858 - undefined "close_on_exec=" for TCPSocket
    #4857 - OpenSSL::Cipher#random_iv Regression in
    #4854 - Simultaneous client reads / writes to the same socket from
different threads can deadlock
    #4852 - [#3953] Use java.nio for FileTest#symlink?
    #4849 - Gem::LoadError: You have already activated rack-cors 1.0.1, but
your Gemfile requires rack-cors 1.0.2
    #4844 - Potential bug in internal/runtime/ThreadService?
    #4843 - popen doesn't work on Windows
    #4842 - copy_stream to SSL seems to read the file into memory
    #4838 - Fiber#alive? returns true even when already finished
    #4837 - String#concat(java.lang.String) does not work
    #4740 - activation of jar-dependencies in bundler clashes with shipped
    #4701 - IO.copy_stream doesn't seem to limit the chunk size
    #4696 - OpenSSL::Random.random_bytes specs seem to get stuck on Travis
    #4685 - Rails csfr_meta_tag requires minutes to render due to jruby use
of /dev/random on a virtual machine
    #4677 - __FILE__ is not available in BEGIN section
    #4460 - RangeError: bignum too big to convert into `long'
    #4384 - JRuby counterpart for RubyVM.stat
    #3953 - File.symlink? fails on Windows, in
    #3903 - defined? with a colon2 fully resolves the left constant

blog: http://blog.enebo.com       twitter: tom_enebo
mail: tom.enebo at gmail.com
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