[jruby] jruby-openssl 0.9.7 Compatibility

Thomas E Enebo tom.enebo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 22:46:34 JST 2017

We have fixed several performance, compatibility, and memory-related issues
between and  I am not sure how much those would impact
how well jruby-openssl runs but you should try updating to and
latest jruby-openssl and see if those memory issues go away and open an
issue if not.


On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 11:06 AM, David Cheng <davidlimcheng at berkeley.edu>

> Greetings!
> First off, thank you for all the work you do on JRuby and JRuby-openssl.
> It is very much appreciated.
> Our team here in Berkeley recently upgraded to jruby and
> jruby-openssl 0.9.19, and are running into issues that looks a lot like a
> memory leakage.  Load tests confirm a much higher strain on memory - and
> we've actually seen this in every version of jruby-openssl >=0.9.8.
> After troubleshooting to no avail, our release is less than two weeks away
> and we find ourselves needing to downgrade to a version of the openssl gem
> that worked smoothly for us, which would be 0.9.7.  I was wondering if you
> could tell me the latest version of JRuby that would be compatible with
> jruby-openssl 0.9.7?
> We are most definitely still troubleshooting this moving forward, and will
> let you guys know if we find anything interesting.
> Cheers!
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