[jruby] How to integrate local GEMs, when running from a ScriptingContainer?

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Tue Jan 12 19:00:00 JST 2016

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> jruby -S gem install GEMNAME --install-dir .
> jruby -r jruby/commands -e JRuby::Commands.generate_dir_info ./gems
> jruby -r jruby/commands -e JRuby::Commands.generate_dir_info ./specifications
> jar cvfm app.jar ..... gems specifications
> then use IsolatedScriptingContainer which will set GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH to uri:classloader:/ that is where the gems are found inside the jar. no need to set it manually.
> - christian

Hi Christian,

thanks for the explanation. In short - it basically works, after a few trivial modifications.

As you said, IsolatedScriptingContainer makes the use of GEM_HOME/GEM_PATH unnecessary.  One difference between my setup and yours (and which turned out was the cause of most headache) was, that you used the project directory for installing the gems (--install-dir .), while I was putting them into a subdirectory (--install-dir gem), because I didn't want the directories 'specifications', 'cache' etc. to show up into our top level project directory. However, this requires to use a trick, when putting the gem into a jar: I can't simply include 'gem', nor 'gem/gems', into the jar. Even with an IsolatedScriptingContainer, the gems would not be found. Instead, I have to use

    jar ..... -C gem gems -C gem specification

From my understanding, the -C gem flag "lifts" the gem directories one level up inside the jar file, and this seems to be necessary for the gems to be located.

I have also included the JRuby::Commands.generate_dir_info  commands, actually in a slightly different forms (you forgot the quote characters):

    jruby -r jruby/commands -e "JRuby::Commands.generate_dir_info 'gem/gems'"
    jruby -r jruby/commands -e "JRuby::Commands.generate_dir_info 'gem/specifications'"

I just wonder, why these are necessary. I googled for generate_dir_info, but didn't find anything which would explain, what this command does and why it is necessary here. Could you enlighten me in this respect?


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