[jruby] [ANN] JRuby-OpenSSL 0.9.14 released

Karol Bucek self at kares.org
Tue Jan 12 17:51:48 JST 2016

JRuby-OpenSSL 0.9.14 has been released.

The primary motivation for this release is to get updated BC jars finally
Bouncy-Castle has been busy providing fixes and implementing features all
along 2015.
JRuby-OpenSSL now bundles version *1.54* (opposed to 1.50 in 0.9.13).
Previously there were a few complains on compatibility for some users
rolling against updated 1.5x BC jars thus the hold back, but we did not
hear any new complains in a while.

We're also hoping to drop support for BCs < 1.49.

Besides we have fixed a X.509 cert `to_text` regression affecting Webrick
users with SSL and
also implemented some basic support for PEM password prompting (ala
OpenSSL) with RSA/DSA private keys. Not to mention some early Java 9


Happy JRuby-ing in 2016.
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