[jruby] JRubyConf.EU around the corner! 31st of July - last chance for a last second visit :)

Tobias Pfeiffer pragtob at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 16:44:19 JST 2015

Hello my fellow JRuby-ists on this wonderful new list,

if you made the change to the new list you are hopefully still
interested in JRuby and hence if you don't have a ticket yet and your
schedule allows you should totally come to JRubyConf.EU in
Potsdam/Berlin: http://2015.jrubyconf.eu/

We are a community run conference, have a great speaker lineup (Tom and
Charlie will be there, among others) so go ahead and buy your ticket!

The schedule is also already online so you can check out the talks.
Moreover, there are still some combo tickets left so you can visit both
the amazing JRubyConf.EU and the big sibling conference eurucamp:

Hoping to see you in Berlin/Potsdam!


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